And he just kept on going

In the middle of my seminar my lecturer’s nose started to bleed. There was this awkward pause as he put his head back and we didn’t know what was going on, he then explained that he was going through a severe nose bleed. Thankful, a student had some tissues and give him some.

Despite the fact that his nose was bleeding he kept on teaching, it was as if nothing had happened. He wasn’t even awkward, nervous or concerned about what people would think of him. He simply had an aim “I am here to teach these students, so let me carry on”

My main ethos is to  “Just Keep on Going”. “What does that mean Sarah?” It means if I slip up, for whatever reason, I will just carry on. Obviously, I will learn from my mistakes but I won’t let it get the better of me. I’ll just keep going because sooner or later I will get there.

I’ll be posting a “Q & A session” some point this week and I was thinking about doing a post about post- high school/secondary school or even my college experience, which wasn’t the best lool.

Leave a comment, what do U want to see more of??




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