The day I was called ugly

“Beauty is about loving yourself for who you are. You may have defects or your nose may not be the slimmest. But it is about being beautiful from within and it will shine through your exterior”- Sarah Perenius

When I look back at my time in primary school it was a blast- from playing king ball where I was quick often Queen. To Zip Zap Bong, to learning how to calculate the perimeter of shapes and oh how could I forget? Finishing school everyday at 3pm and feeling like a Boss!

One day we went on a school trip and one of the popular girls in my class (who I will refer to using a fictional name Jane) liked to hang around me with as she found me funny and I guess because we were both Nigerian. We were on the bus coming back from the trip, behind us were some girls from the year above us and they were talking to Jane who was my partner for the trip. They began to play “Truth or Dare”, it was Jane’s turn and she wanted a dare. I heard them whisper “Tell Sarah, that is she ugly”, I heard this and my heart sank. It felt as if it had been ripped apart and thrown on the floor. Then she said “Sarah, you are really beautiful. It’s just a dare, don’t take what I say seriously. Sarah you are ugly”. I went home and cried all day.

Hearing this at a young age added even more to my insecurities, and made me feel even more ugly about myself. I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror, whenever I would walk past a car I would never look at my reflection because I felt UGLY!

But throughout my life I have learnt to value myself and my beauty. Today I no longer have the insecurities that used to trap me and make me cry. I love my appearance: I love my nose and every aspect about myself. I have learnt to embrace my quirkiness and sense of humour.

You may be reading this and may be struggling to embrace or love who you are. Let me enlighten you- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Invest in your talents and don’t allow the negative words of others to hurt you.

I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below with your response or contact me via the contact form.

Have an awesome day 🙂



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