Get out the country once in a while


After 6 years I decided to take a trip out of London, I recently went to Nigeria where I had the opportunity to meet my extended family. It was an awesome experience and boy oh boy do I feel refreshed from the whole experience. One key fundamental that I want to touch on in this post is appreciation, there is poverty in Africa really bad poverty. A large proportion of children don’t have access to education due to low funds at home, and education has the power to change lives.

Whilst, I was in Nigeria I saw young kids hustling to earns days meet, they’ll wake up at 5am cook food and sell it till late at night. Seeing this with my own too eyes made me appreciation life, to appreciate the opportunities that I have in London such as free education till 18 and the opportunity for student finance to cover my university fees.

I have plans to take another vacation in 2017 and I will keep you updated on how it goes, it is just refreshing to go on hoildays at least once a year. It puts things into perspective.


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