LAUUGH it off!

I am bubbly and full of sooo much energy, I am like an energy drink ready to be unleashed! Monday- Friday are often intense for me; with roles such as university and life in general. One of my hobbies and remedies for stress it to laugh it off, today I went to creme’s to celebrate my friend’s 20th Birthday- Happy birthday Tolu! There was so much jokes as things that we had planned didn’t go to schedule, but I couldn’t find the strength to complain inside of me- all I could literally do was LAUGH!

I ended up getting a free nutella crepe from Creme’s- thank you Creme’s! It was due to the crepe machine breaking down and my order was delayed- but all in all the dessert was fab! and the time spent with my friends was even fab-er.

After, most of us went to a seminar about relationships- where we learnt to believe in ourselves and to be positive! Oh what a fun Saturday that it has been!

How has your Saturday been?


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