What is my full potential?

About a month ago I wanted to publish a post based on ‘potential’. And now I got around to finally doing it.


Potential is something so personal- the way I see it- it is the way to be, to be an amazing individual that creates a positive impact. Everyone’s potential differs just like their cultures and talents, and in a way you can not pin-point what exactly your potential is- we have probably heard this before but our human mind is limitless and I believe this is a metaphor to describe our potential. Our potential is limitless, we are the only one’s that can limit it.


It is interesting because we know when we can do more, go the extra mile, get a better grade or job. We have this human instinctive feeling within us.

“Sarah, what is my full potential?” My answer? I do not even have the slightest clue, but your potential is never-ending because each year your view on your potential changes due to maturity, personal development and hardships that you have, currently or will face.

Never lose heart, despite the circumstances hold on to your potential and do amazing things! You never know you could create the biggest new invention, you could be the next president…. THINK BIG! 🙂


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