Poverty right at your doorstep

Myself and my friend from university Tracy were at the local cafe, we had a presentation to do that very day in our seminar which was in about half an hour. Lucky enough, last night we got all the content down onto slides and went through it whilst sitting down in the cafe.

To my suprised a young boy came in and said “Sorry, can I have money please… to buy chicken and chips”. Neither me or Tracy had spare change on us, so sadly we couldn’t give the boy anything.

I don’t know the full details of his story, it could be that he’s family are going through a financial turnoil or he just wanted some extra change. Who knows? The boy should be at school investing in his education, when I see things like this happen it gets me revolted, he shouldn’t have to be in a situation where he has to beg either way!

But poverty does exist in London not just in Africa or third world countries- poverty is everywhere. In all honest, it’s impossible to get rid of poverty everywhere. In order for local communities to get out of poverty them as individuals need to work hard and refuse to accept this situation.

There are many organisations working to reduce poverty, but don’t forget poverty happens right at your doorstep.

Let me know what your comments are.


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