You’ve got to give more

As human beings we hate being told what we are doing wrong and how we can improve, a word to describe this is a ‘rebuke’ or ‘correction’. We remember every word of what he need to change about ourselves. However, we love to be congratulated we love doing things right and recieving positive feedback, but yet this often gets forgotten about within minutes.

In life, you need to be corrected and improve. Life isn’t a fairy tale where things come handed to you. Life is tough and requires hard graft.

A recent thought that has been on my mind is that ‘You’ve got to give more’. Often we think “But I have given so much, I am tired” we look to what we have done and in some cases in on past achievements. But you can’t forget there’s so much for you to do and give. God didn’t give you another day on this earth for no reason, your life has a purpose and it’s time to fulfill it!


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