dream big

How do you manage your income?#DREAMBIG

How do you manage your income? You’ve got to admit it is quite an interesting question, after that slab of salary lands into your account, what happens to it next?

One top tip that I suggest is to have some kind of savings/reservoir it doesn’t mean you start off putting thousands in, you simply start with the small this could be £1, £5, £100, £1,000, £1,000,000 it depends on the individual. Set aside some money each month to invest into a greater project.

We’re in January (the month of sales) there’s so many discounts that are going on that it makes it tempting to spend your money on unessary things. Before spending think, whether it is something you want vs you need. This month of January I will be investing in managing my money better and I will be more careful with what I buy in the sales.

“Working doesn’t make you rich, pursuing your talent, creating your own business is what makes you rich”


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