What 2016 has taught me #BehindTheLens

I am grateful to start the new year and for all the experiences that I have been through up to date, there’s nothing like the lessons learnt through life.

  1. Throughout 2016 I had learnt the importance of ‘being’ rather ‘doing’ sometimes we have so much roles and responsibilities that we want to make other people happy, but then we end up forgetting about the most important person which is ourselves… Then we end up crashing.

2. 2016 has also taught me that the year is what you make out of it, there’s no point in writing goals and ‘sometimes’ working on your goals. You reap what you sow, if you want to achieve your goal put in the time.

3. Cherish your family. 2016 taught me that people come and go, family won’t always be around forever. But whilst they are here cherish them, embrace them, make the most out of them. Spend time with them not just during Christmas. This year I traveled back home to my roots- Nigeria, I saw so much family and it changed my perspective on life. Seeing young children waking up early to sell food in order to bring some kind of income home to support their parents left me in awe. Living in the UK, I have so much opportunities- make the most of them whilst they are here.

What has 2016 taught you? Leave a comment below!




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