Working in Retail

All that glitters isn’t gold- my experience of working in retail

From a young age, I always thought that working in retail was something fun. On several occasions to the supermarket with my mum I would see the customer assistant scan the iterms and I would hear the “beep” and I would think “this is so cool, I want a job like this when I grow up!”

But into my teenage years I had realised that working in retail wasn’t the best and I knew that I had the potential to do better, I always thought that I wouldn’t work in retail. However, circumstances happened where I had to get a part time job and the easiest part time job to secure as a full time university student was working in retail.

In the first week, I was full of energy! It was something new to me, I had a lot of knowledge on food so whenever the customers would ask me a question I would respond at my best! But after the 2nd week, I just got bored it. Having to run up and down, stack shelves like a zombie, having my line managers shout at me to hurry up and when I would hurry up, I would get told off for not doing it properly. The pay was good though, but I didn’t see myself working there for long. Don’t get me wrong, I met some amazing work colleagues who made my time there worthwhile, but in the whole-run I knew I had the potential to do more and to be better.

My contract ended this week, my perception has changed drastically on retail. I have so much respect for Sales Assistants, Team Leaders and etc because working in retail isn’t easy! It’s such a fast past sector where sometimes we put the needs of other’s before ourselves too much and we end up being neglected…

The Next Post would be on how I got my job in retail e.g. job applications, interviews, cv, personal statements, induction days, top tips and ect.

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