Feel the fear and do it anyway

Fear is deadly and can cause a person to stay trapped in their comfort zone, a person that is fearful thinks about “what happens if…” what would happen if I get it wrong? What would happen if I get told off? What would happen if I… and the list goes on. A fearful person spends time contemplating on the negative consequences, without even taking a physical action they just weigh up the consequences and back down. Fear traps us from taking action!

Fear is deadly! We all have fears, things that we are afraid to do, especially when it involves leaving a place that we like to call home aka “comfort zone”

Saturday just gone, I had an interesting experience. If you know me you know that I can’t sing at alllllllll, I was put on the spot and had to sing the lyrics of a song. Yes, I felt fear! But I went against how I felt and did it. This is the only way to combat fear which is facing it. 

Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Don’t allow the fear of “it not working out” to stop you from taking actions. You can, you can and you can!!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters, compared to what lies within us”


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