Thoughts bombard our minds from the moment we wake up

The way our minds work is pretty interesting, we were once sleeping then one second later we are awake and our minds start thinking, then all kinds of thoughts start to bombard our minds. It’s interesting how the thoughts start to enter our mind at the exact point that we wake up.

Thoughts such as “Oh I got to complete this today, if I don’t do this its all over…”, “I wonder how so and so is, let me get in contact with them today”, “What’s the plan for today?” and the list goes on. And not to forget the most common thoughts that comes to our minds are negative thoughts “That is not going to work out, there is no point in trying”, “You can’t do it, you tried already” and etc, we have to be fully aware of the thoughts that come to mind because if we aren’t then we will end up accepting and entertaining them…

Whenever, I get these kind of thoughts I change channels as soon as I realise. I start to thinking about something else maybe something funny, something I need to do, something encouraging, but I don’t give these thoughts the time of the day- entertaining such thoughts are a waste of time. Generally, we complain that we don’t have “much time” but a lot of time is wasted mentally on entertaining such stupid thoughts.

Whenever a negative thought comes to mind, change thoughts and think about something else. 

Thoughts are life changing because what you think soon becomes your actions.


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