Looking beyond the current situation

Yesterday, I was reading an interesting story about a legend of faith who goes by the name Elisha. I couldn’t help but notice that Elisha was put in situations where he had two of the choices to look at the current situation or to look beyond it and believe that it can and will change. Elisha decided to do the latter.

The first miracle, was when he saw the dead boy and through the use of his faith the boy was revived. Shortly, after there was a famine in the city that he was travelling to and yet he asked the prophets to made stew, despite the shortage in food supply. Lastly, when a man brought him his first fruits which was enough to feed 100 men, but Elisha used his faith and it was more than enough.

The take home message is look beyond the current situation, we will go through even harder situations in life but believe that there is a solution and act upon this belief and the latter will result in a complete transformation of life!


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